Inter-County Health Plans Proudly serving Pennsylvania for over 70 years

Inter-County delivers high-quality, cost-effective benefits to fit the health benefit needs and budgets of organizations throughout Pennsylvania. We work closely with our clients and brokers to tailor health benefit plans with options suited for their organizations and plan members. We have a comprehensive range of capabilities and exceptional service, competitive pricing, and flexibility.

We apply our extensive knowledge of current and emerging health benefit programs to help our clients — across diverse industries — plan and execute strategies that improve overall organizational value. Through our affiliate, AmeriHealth Administrators, we deliver:

  • highly competitive health care network savings, through expert network management, ensuring that all your plan members experience local network strength, nationwide;
  • integrated, full-spectrum health management programs — from health and wellness resources and decision support tools, to health utilization and case management, to care management and support for members with chronic conditions or serious diseases;
  • consumer-directed health programs that offer opportunities for greater cost management and help empower your plan members to become better informed and more confident health care consumers.

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The Inter-County Health Plan Advantages

  • Pennsylvania-based company with capabilities extending across the U.S. and internationally;
  • tailored services offering flexible plan design;
  • extensive access to a proprietary network and a nationwide travel network;
  • competitive pricing;
  • attentive, expert customer service;
  • extensive resources to support and empower members;
  • over 70 years’ experience.

Inter-County’s affiliate, AmeriHealth Administrators, provides administration for network access, health management, and other services. AmeriHealth Administrators currently serves over 400,000 plan members and manages over $1 billion in health benefits.

Inter-County offers Pennsylvania-based organizations the best of both worlds the flexible, attentive service of a local company and the large network and extensive capabilities of a national carrier.

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